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Hi I am Kayla,
A lover of good food (pizza pops cheese only,) and a podcast to listen to while they cook in the microwave. I am a recent 2021 graduate of a bachelor degree in Art & Design. I started my freelancing journey in my last semester of school. I truly did not see myself doing anything else. I fell in love with being able to work with people on such a personal level. 
I fell in love with documenting people. What they love.. Their business, their children, the love of their lives, or just themselves. It is an honour to be apart of these keepsake moments. 


Joel & Maren

Kayla our photos are so incredible, I am absolutely obsessed with the tones you use.  I can’t thank you enough for capturing this moment for us. These picture are so perfect and I still can’t get over the fact all the feels were caught on camera.  


Kayla is an amazing photographer! She has such a unique style. We have so much fun every time we do a shoot, she’s so professional and extremely talented. We find it so easy to book with her and she’s just an all around amazing person!


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