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Hi I am Kayla,
a connoisseur of fine cuisine, particularly pizza pops with cheese only, paired perfectly with a podcast to enjoy during their microwave preparation. I am a recent graduate, having completed my Bachelor's degree in Art & Design in 2021. My freelancing journey commenced during my final semester, a path I embraced wholeheartedly as it resonated with my passion.

My affinity for connecting with people on a profound level became evident as I ventured into freelancing. I discovered my passion for capturing authentic moments, whether it's documenting their business, family, significant others, or even individual portraits. It is a privilege to be entrusted with preserving these keepsake memories.


Joel & Maren

Kayla our photos are so incredible, I am absolutely obsessed with the tones you use.  I can’t thank you enough for capturing this moment for us. These picture are so perfect and I still can’t get over the fact all the feels were caught on camera.  



Kayla is an amazing photographer! She has such a unique style. We have so much fun every time we do a shoot, she’s so professional and extremely talented. We find it so easy to book with her and she’s just an all around amazing person!

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